May 2018 Book Haul

May was a weird month, but here are all of the books that I bought or that were sent to me. If you click where I got the book from then you too can own a copy of the book!! Enjoy!


Lara Lillibridge


The Mars Room

Rachel Kushner

Book of the Month

Brooklyn House Magician’s Manual

Rick Riordan

The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding

Alexandra Bracken

Cast Long Shadows

Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan

The Burning Maze (Signed)

Rick Riordan

the seasons of my mother cover

Goodreads Logo

The Seasons of My Mother

Marcia Gay Harden


baby teeth coverGoodreads Logo

Baby Teeth

Zoje Stage

St. Martin’s Press

different seasons coverGoodreads Logo

Different Seasons

Stephen King

the legends of luke skywalker coverGoodreads Logo

The Legends of Luke Skywalker

Ken Liu


dont get caught coverGoodreads Logo

Don’t Get Caught

Kurt Dinan

the dark prophecy coverGoodreads Logo

The Dark Prophecy

Rick Riordan

the serpents shadow original coverGoodreads Logo

The Serpent’s Shadow

Rick Riordan

spelled coverGoodreads Logo


Betsy Schow

the adjustment coverGoodreads Logo

The Adjustment (Signed)

Suzanne Young


hotel for the lost coverGoodreads Logo

Hotel for The Lost (Signed)

Suzanne Young


all in pieces coverGoodreads Logo

All in Pieces (Signed)

Suzanne Young


the complication coverGoodreads Logo

The Complication (Signed)

Suzanne Young


our house coverGoodreads Logo

Our House

Louise Candlish

Penguin Random House

fahrenheit 451 coverGoodreads Logo

Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury

the house of hades coverGoodreads Logo

The House of Hades

Rick Riordan

the hammer of thor coverGoodreads Logo

The Hammer of Thor

Rick Riordan

alone cover

Goodreads Logo


Cyn Balog

the revenge coverGoodreads Logo

The Revenge

Hannah Jayne

labyrinth lost cover

Goodreads Logo

Labyrinth Lost

Zoraida Cordova

follow me back coverGoodreads Logo

Follow Me Back

A.V. Geiger

the hidden oracle cover

Goodreads Logo

The Hidden Oracle

Rick Riordan

the darkest minds cover

Goodreads Logo

The Darkest Minds

Alexandra Bracken

the bane chronicles coverGoodreads Logo

The Bane Chronicles

Cassandra Clare

lady midnight coverGoodreads Logo

Lady Midnight

Cassandra Clare

the dangerous art of blending in coverGoodreads Logo

The Dangerous Art of Blending In

Angelo Surmelis

the gentlemans guide to vice and virtue coverGoodreads Logo

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Mackenzi Lee

the queens rising cover

Goodreads Logo

The Queen’s Rising (Signed)

Rebecca Ross

Barnes & Noble

the outsider coverGoodreads Logo

The Outsider

Stephen King

Barnes & Noble

some boys coverGoodreads Logo

Some Boys

Patty Blount

now a major motion picture coverGoodreads Logo

Now A Major Motion Picture

Cori McCarthy

the strange fascinations of noah hypnotik coverGoodreads Logo

The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik

David Arnold

never fade coverGoodreads Logo

Never Fade

Alexandra Bracken

Barnes & Noble

in the afterlight coverGoodreads Logo

In the Afterlight

Alexandra BrackenBarnes & Noble

through the dark coverGoodreads Logo

Through the Dark

Alexandra Bracken
Barnes & Noble


Claire LeGrand

The Lightning Thief: Graphic Novel

Rick Riordan

trials of death coverGoodreads Logo

Trials of Death

Darren Shan

tradition coverGoodreads Logo

Tradition (Signed)

Brendan Kiely

such a good girl coverGoodreads Logo

Such A Good Girl (Signed)

Amanda K. Morgan

city of bones original coverGoodreads Logo

City of Bones

Cassandra Clare

confessions of a high school disater coverGoodreads Logo

Confessions of a High School Disaster: Chloe Snow’s Diary (ARC)

Emma Chastain

empress of a thousand skies coverGoodreads Logo

Empress of a Thousand Skies (ARC)

Rhoda Belleza

blood of a thousand stars coverGoodreads Logo

Blood of a Thousand Stars (ARC)

Rhoda Belleza

follow me back coverGoodreads Logo

Follow Me Back (ARC)

A.V. Geiger


unnatural deeds coverGoodreads Logo

Unnatural Deeds (ARC)

Cyn Balog


Star Wars 'Solo' Comic Books CR: DisneyGoodreads Logo

Last Shot

Daniel Jose Older

secrets lies and scandals coverGoodreads Logo

Secret, Lies, and Scandals

Amanda K. Morgan

the lies they tell coverGoodreads Logo

The Lies They Tell

Gillian French


out of left field cover

Goodreads Logo

Out of Left Field

Kris Hui Lee

Barnes & Noble

amy and rogers epic detour coverGoodreads Logo

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour

Morgan Matson

Barnes & Noble

point blank coverGoodreads Logo

Point Blank

Anthony Horowitz

Barnes & Noble

the han solo trilogy coverGoodreads Logo

The Han Solo Trilogy

A.C. Crispin

Barnes & Noble

unearthed coverGoodreads Logo


Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Barnes & Noble

lifelike coverGoodreads Logo


Jay KristoffBarnes & Noble

second chance summer coverGoodreads Logo

Second Chance Summer
Morgan Matson

Barnes & Noble

the unexpected everything coverGoodreads Logo

The Unexpected Everything

Morgan Matson

Barnes & Noble

An Ember in the Ashes

Sabaa Tahir

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