Q&A with YATL

What do you get when you mix a Gryffindor, a Slytherin, and a Hufflepuff? A really awesome and fun interview! Read on for my interview with the wonderful ladies of YATL!

“Butt in Chair. Just do it. Get words on the page and don’t worry about it until it’s done. You can edit later, and make it shiny and pretty.” – Vania

Gryffindor Books: Thanks for agreeing to do this with me!

Kim: It’s our pleasure, you’ve been such an awesome supporter.

Vania: Ohhh this will be fun! Thanks for having us!

Gryffindor Books: Who or what got you into reading?

Kim: My Pops. He always carried a book around in his back pocket.

Vania: Books have always been a way of escape and a way to explore new worlds. My first big fave YA was Graceling by Kristin Cashore!

Gryffindor Books: When did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?

Kim: OMG probably 3rd grade. My Mother says I’ve always been carrying around a notebook. Initially it started with writing songs which led to screenplays and landed on novels.

Vania: I’ve loved writing since I was young. I loved writing poetry and stories as they came but I never considering writing until this one story just kept growing and didn’t want to let go. It’s complete garbage fire but it got me going and I learned a lot.

Gryffindor Books: What does your writing process look like?? Do you need to be in a certain place? Do you have music you write to? Is there a drink you must have while writing?

Kim: I’m a plotter. I have to plot first. Books I co-author with Gilly we’ve discovered we write best when we are together. So we write together every Friday morning and some Saturdays. Our Friday morning sessions are an open house at Gilly’s home. Nic Stone, Marie, Marquardt, Vicky Alvear Shecter, Breanna McDaniel, really too many authors to name swing by for breakfast and critique Friday mornings at Gilly’s. When I’m alone I can’t be at home or I’ll get distracted. I have a couple coffee shops I frequent to write and I don’t listen to music. I have ADHD so that will have me too distracted. At Gilly’s she makes me super sweet coffee because that’s the way I like it but my relaxing alone beverage is chocolate milk. I don’t drink alcohol at all.

Vania: I change it up all the time. But usually I need to be out of the house. Home is where my other (photography) work gets done and a coffee shop or the library is good for productivity on writing things.

Gryffindor Books: Which format do you prefer reading books in? Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook or eBook?

Kim: Hardcover or paperback is fine. I haven’t really gotten into e-books or audiobooks. Vania loves audiobooks, she keeps trying to persuade me into them.

Vania: I drive so much for work that audiobooks are my saving grace. However, I love to hold a physical book in my hands.

Gryffindor Books: Who is your dream author to have on YATL?

Kim: Definitely Sabaa Tahir

Vania: I call dibs on Victoria Schwab! She’s fun and LOVE her books!

Gryffindor Books: If you could have dinner with one author who would it be and why?

Kim: Jason Reynolds, it’s no secret that he’s my idol.

Vania: OMG can you ask a more difficult question? How can I pick? Maybe Libba Bray? Or Leigh Bardugo? Holly Black? I’d also just love to meet Kristin Cashore and Lois Lowry.

Gryffindor Books: When you were growing up which fictional characters did you look up to?

Kim: Pippi Longstocking.

Vania: Nancy Drew. I loved her clever mystery solving skills.

Gryffindor Books: What advice would you give to a reader who wanted to become a writer?

Kim: Strong readers make great writers so you already have step one down. Step two is simply writers write. Write everyday.

Vania: Butt in Chair. Just do it. Get words on the page and don’t worry about it until it’s done. You can edit later, and make it shiny and pretty.

Gryffindor Books: Please tell us a little about your book and your characters!

Kim: My book co-authored with Gilly Segal is called Mass Disturbance. The book chronicles a fight that breaks out at a racially divided Atlanta high school and escalates into citywide riots, told in alternating point of views between two girls—one black and one white.

Vania: Which one? I am editing both a girl band manuscript and a fantasy manuscript.

Gryffindor Books: What is your Hogwarts House?

Kim: Slytherin

Vania: Hufflepuff. Yup.

Gryffindor Books: If you were trapped on an island with a book series and the author of that book series which one would it be and why?

Kim: Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon. It’s my favorite series and I’d love to know what her research process was like. She used so many actual burial rituals to explain the very unique zombies in her series.

Vania: Kristin Cashore’s books or Leigh Bardugo’s. I love fantasy adventures!

Gryffindor Books: Do you have any tips to start reading more books?

Kim: I’m not sure I understand the question but I’ll take a stab at it and say look at who your favorite author is reading, chances are you’ll like that stuff too.

Vania: Add audiobooks!

Gryffindor Books: If you could live with one Author or Book Tuber who would it be and why?

Kim: My co-author Gilly just because I already know we’d get along.

Vania: Can I pick Kim? Hahhahah

Gryffindor Books: Thanks for answering all of my questions and I am looking forward to the next YATL show!

Kim: Thank you!

Vania: It’s gonna be lit!

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