ARC Shelf Tour – Vol. 10

Would you like to see what books I have on my ARC (advanced reader copy) shelf? These are not all of my ARCs just five and they are organized on this list by the release date. Well here is volume ten of “What’s on my ARC shelf?”! Enjoy!

Title: Remember Me Always

Author: Renee Collins

Release Date: 3 October 2017

ISBN: 9781492647607

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busted cover

Title: Busted

Author: Gina Ciocca

Release Date: 1 January 2018

ISBN: 9781492654292

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as you wish cover

Title: As You Wish

Author: Chelsea Sedoti

Release Date: 2 January 2018

ISBN: 9781492642312

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before i let go cover

Title: Before I Let Go

Author: Marieke Nijkamp

Release Date: 23 January 2018

ISBN: 9781492642282

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heart of iron cover

Title: Heart of Iron

Author: Ashley Poston

Release Date: 27 February 2018

ISBN: 9780062652850

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Well, that is all the ARCs I have to show you for now! If you have enjoyed this and would like me to continue as I get more ARCs please let me know!

Cover Images were acquired from Goodreads!

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