Books VS. Movies

Some people would argue that the movies are better than the books but I disagree. Here I will list my reasons for liking books and movies.


• Always have more detail

• Can imagine what the characters would be like

• Don’t need to wait for a movie to be made

• Easier to read in public

• Costs less.

• Don’t have to buy a ticket AND buy the DVD.

• Can put the book down and pick something else up

• Easier to share with friends

• Don’t need to be in the same room as friends while enjoying the same story


• See the characters come alive

• Here and see the world that you’ve fallen in love with

• Not as much detail as book

• Shorter than the books

• Costs more than most books

• Have to sit and watch the whole movie in one go

So in looking back I prefer to read the books then go see the movie not just go see a movie based on a book.

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