eBooks VS. Physical Books

Today books are available in a lot of different formats. I am going to be listing my reasons why I like eBooks and Physical books.


• Cheaper

• Easier to carry around

• Can carry around more books at once

• Can read in the dark without a light

• Can change the font size

• Can buy books as soon as they release

• Easier to travel with

Physical Books:

• Don’t need to worry about battery

• No notifications to interrupt reading

• Can use tabs and highlight

• Looks better on a bookshelf

• Easier to shop for

• Can get the author to sign their books

• Easier to give to other people as gifts

• Better to take pictures of

So personally I think I like physical books better even though eBooks can be downloaded onto your phone and read whenever you don’t have a physical book to read.

1 thought on “eBooks VS. Physical Books

  1. I think there are lot of readers who share your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.


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